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About SPETS Agency

The agency was created in 2016 by Egor Yuryevich Grosman, who has been a permanent leader and curator of operational activities since then. The team that he gathered and trained is capable of performing the most complex tasks. Many of the employees of the SPEC Agency went through special training and served in various law enforcement agencies in Russia. Unique experience, valuable skills and teamwork are the fundamental principles the company basis its success on.

Nowadays, we can justifiably call ourselves one of the leading detective agencies in the European part of Russia. We have operational facilities that allow providing a full range of services in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Oblast, Moscow, and the Moscow Oblast as soon as we get the client’s request. We also have a partner office in New York (the USA) that one of the leading countries in the development of private investigation. Our team has experience in work on international level and interaction with Interpol, as well as in the search for people and assets on several continents.

We aim to become a real world-class agency, and to promote the development of professionalism and integrity as the main principles of the domestic market of detective services.


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