How to confidentially contact a detective

Would you prefer that no one knew about your appeal to a private detective? We value the privacy of our clients, so we take care of you even at the stage when you are planning your visit.

In our practice, there was not a single information leak from our side. But there were cases when the client accidentally declassified the appeal to relatives due to oversight or inexperience. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the simple rules below.

Rule number 1: hide the fact of the call. Not everyone knows that getting a listing of any person's phone contacts is not so difficult, believe us. Therefore, in order to keep you incognito, call through instant messengers like WhatsApp or Telegram. These calls are not supported by your cellular operator. They work like internet traffic, so they won't be present in the call detail.

Rule # 2: use a separate mailbox. Get a separate email address where the detective will forward information. Your spouse or child may accidentally or intentionally enter your main mailbox. Especially if they use the same computer as you. Do not use, rambler or yandex. The best is google mail, protonmail or icloud.

Rule # 3: check the safety of messengers. Go to the security settings and make sure that there are no other devices logged in in WhatsApp Web that you do not know about.

We value your privacy, and if necessary, we will hold a meeting in neutral territory at a convenient time for you, if you think that a trip to our office may compromise you.

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