Детективное Агентство "СПЕЦ"

Search for property abroad

We manage to find secret real estate abroad thanks to a complex of operational-search measures. The starting point is always the person whose property we are looking for. Analysis of their movements, activity in other countries allows us to identify priority areas. Searching for property abroad often turns into a complex intelligence operation. An infiltrated operative will find information about houses, yachts, cars, investments, wherever they are in the world.

As part of the search for foreign property, we managed to unravel serious shady schemes, prove the illegal origin of factories and cruisers with facts. Very often the very fact of disclosing such information makes a strong impression on the shadow beneficiary. They understand that they can lose everything overnight, and without money in a foreign country and with a criminal case in their homeland, it will become much more difficult to live. This is just one of the levers of influence on such holders of foreign assets. If you need to search for property abroad, come to us for a consultation. Sign up now and get a ready-made solution.

Why is it worth contacting the Agency for search? • We will find information about the property of individuals and legal entities • We will obtain official documents for foreign property • We will help to seize property • Creative collection of evidence • We work in the EU, USA, Asia, and CIS • All our employees know at least two languages • We work closely with foreign partners • We are ready to fly out on a mission within 24 hours


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