Детективное Агентство "СПЕЦ"

DNA sampling & testing without consent

There are many situations in which a DNA analysis is required to determine paternity. Based on statistics, every sixth man is raising someone else's child. Here are just some of the reasons to do a DNA paternity test: • The man is not sure that he is the real (biological) father of his child. • The woman doubts which of the men is the real father of her child. • Some of the child's relatives on the father's side are not sure about the relationship with the child. • An official opinion, a forensic genetic examination, a forensic DNA examination is required for further appeal to any state authorities (court, registry office, guardianship authorities, to enter into inheritance rights, division of property between the parties to the trial and receive alimony).

We will be able to do a DNA test without consent by adhering to an established method and easily relying on the professionalism of our freelance staff, keeping it completely secret.


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